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Google copies Microsoft

I did run the following experiment. I asked my fellow coworkers to search Google for bunga bunga and click on any result. In reality, by using a custom Internet Explorer build, all the clicks they made were manipulated artificially to point to a well known URL.

The result is amazing! In 9% of the cases these massive clicks (we are talking about tens of thousand of employees clicking on bunga bunga!) were enough to alter Google search behavior.

Before vs. after.

GoogleOne        GoogleTwo

Google is using Microsoft employees clicks to improve their search results! We must conclude that clearly Google doesn’t have enough resources to pull good results of their own without withdrawing from MS resources. Therefore Google is copying Microsoft.

I am sorry if you cannot repeat the experiment since to successfully repeat it you need a custom version of Internet Explorer 9 which I cannot redistribute since it contains relevant IP, and you need also to have your network IP address registered with the Microsoft CorpNet in order to pull the stunt. But I think I will make you more than happy by providing the incriminating screenshots.

Thanks, have fun

The tone of this post is totally sarcastic. The experiment never took place in reality.