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Brevetti software

Raccolgo un paio di fatti e opinioni degli altri.

Raymond Chen (passata quasi inosservata):

"Software patents suck!" It's irrelevant what your or my opinion of software patents is. So long as they are legal, they will exist, and you and I will just have to deal with it. If you want a change, write to your congressman. Support candidates whose position on software patents is compatible with yours. Complaining to me accomplishes nothing.

Mark Shuttleworth:

Neither Canonical nor the Ubuntu project have any interest in signing an agreement with Microsoft on the back of the threat of unspecified patents. We have consistently (but politely) declined to pursue those conversations with Microsoft, in the absence of any details of the alleged patent infringements.

Accordo di Microsoft con Xandros:

Not content with one Linux deal with Novell, Microsoft has announced at the US Tech Ed that it’s done a similar deal with Novell’s competitor, Xandros, despite the latest draft of the GPLv3.

Accordo di Microsoft con Linspire:

Microsoft signs deal with Linspire

L'approccio Ubuntu:


Che dire: c'è gran fermento sull'argomento!!


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