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On January 22 2006 Kobe Bryant of the LA Lakers scored an amazing 81 points in one game vs the Toronto Raptors.

You are probaby wondering what 81 points look like. They are added up on score boards, people write about them in newspapers, kids talk about them in school the next day.

But after each game is played the actual points build up in a small hole in my basement. All of the points scored through the entire NBA season flow into my basement through tubes, in liquid form. And to be honest it's a pain in the ass pumping out that hole every day.

In one game, 81 points sounds like a lot, but in person it is really not that impressive. They actually look disgusting. Kinda dirty, a little like Kobe. So when I heard Kobe scored 81 points in one game, I was actually kinda pissed. I never really liked Kobe, but now I had to pump his 81 points out of my basement.

You are bidding on what i belive to be Kobe Bryants 81 points in liquid form. It is run off water that builds up in a small hole in my basement. I belive that all of the points scored in the entire NBA season build up in liquid form and flow in through tubes, into a hole in my basement. You will also receive the rest of the lakers 41 points scored in that game for compairson.

I am sure someone in Canada is selling the Raptors defence and pride, because they left that at home.