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Una review di Vista UAC

Senza dar retta alle tante balle del video pubblicitario di Apple vi giro paro paro una review di UAC fatta da qualcuno con gli attributi (ironia della sorte trattasi di una donna). Un brano:

Many people complain about UAC, saying that it’s very annoying for them to see UAC consent dialog box to appear every few minutes or so, and claim that this will discourage users from using this mechanism at all (and yes, there’s an option to disable UAC). I strongly disagree with such opinion - I’ve been running Vista more then a month now and, besides the first few days when I was installing various applications, I now do not see UAC prompt more then 1-2 times per day. So, I really wonder what those people are doing that they see UAC constantly appearing every other minute… (NdR: come appunto qualcuno vuol far credere)



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